I Never Thought You'd Be The One To Let Me Down. from hellosunschein on 8tracks Radio.

I Never Thought You’d Be The One To Let Me Down.

1 note   -  19 February 2014

After FOR-EH-VER, I’ve made another 8tracks playlist. Felt awesome. I’ve forgotten to listen to music.

1 note   -  30 July 2013

Grace Hopper scholarship recipient!

4 hours ago, I just got an email from the Anita Borg institute that I’ve been awarded a scholarship by Juniper Networks to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing! Couldn’t be more excited to attend the conference :D!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

  -  23 July 2013

So many things to learn, so little time!

I’ve decided to delve deeper into the realms of User Experience (UX), and front-end development. I’ve Google searched like a maniac for the past few days, and for now I’ve decided to work on:

front-end development skills:

  •  learn about HTML5 & CSS3
  •  learn JavaScript (+ jQuery and other relevant libraries)
  •  learn Ruby
  •  learn responsive web design
  •  learn how to develop mobile apps with HTML5

To achieve this I’ve signed up for a number of online courses/tutorials like  codeacademy, teamtreehouse, and code school. On top of that I enrolled in a course at Udemy, Microsoft, and selected relevant videos at lynda (to which our school generously provides a free account, whoo :D). I’ll make sure to keep track of what other courses are offered throughout the year on relevant topics as well.

After all that’s done, I intend to keep my knowledge sharp by trying out new projects at thecodeplayer, and thinking about how I can accomplish bringing some of my own ideas to life.

AFTER all of that… my intention is to try and figure out how I can apply this knowledge to UX design. 

Sounds like a blast to me (:!

2 notes   -  23 July 2013

Don't Let Them Interfere. from hellosunschein on 8tracks Radio.

Don’t Let Them Interfere.

1 note   -  26 October 2012



Tetris Light (Stackable Blocks!)

$46.69 from Firebox

(via mahlibombing)

3,427 notes   -  15 August 2012

8tracks has an inbuild video-embedding feature for every song in a playlist! WHAT THE… ?! Excitement (:

This… is just too much to handle right now. I’m in love (:

  -  4 August 2012

I can lift a car.

2 notes   -  14 July 2012

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